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Automotive Leather Hides For Sale

Soft and durable automotive leather hides for sale are tough to find.  Lucky for you has one of the largest offerings!  These patterns are the answer for customers looking to replace the leather in their daily driving vehicles.  Each hide will be color consistent and feature a protective top coat that won’t scratch over time.  Also included in these leathers is a special finish that won’t fade in the sunlight allowing your interior to look good for years.  Available in many textures and colors giving you the freedom of choice and options.

Have a show car and wan’t something distressed or more exotic?  You can use all of our leathers for automotive use but please be aware that they might scratch or fade in direct sunlight.

Can’t decide on the color?  Please remember you can request samples of any of our leathers to ensure you get the exact color you are searching for.  We strongly recommend requesting samples before purchasing.